Don Grainger
In an odd twist of fate, Don’s accident led him to a painting career.

Don Grainger

Friday, May 23, 2003 was a major turning point in Don Grainger’s life.

Don’s dream was to become a full-time firefighter. A volunteer at a local fire department, he was gainfully working towards a position almost anywhere when fate intervened during his full-time construction job; Don was pinned between two vehicles breaking both of his legs. Don’s accident that afternoon not only cut short his construction career, but his goal of firefighting as well.

Not one to let disappointment win, Don began turning his attention to other areas including his wife’s blossoming musical career. Karen Grainger’s singing career was starting to take off and she and Don were soon working as a team to write, produce and book their show. Their combined show talents has led to amazing opportunities on Cruise Ships with both Don and Karen literally travelling the world with their production.

'It's a Start' was Don Grainger's first effort in painting.

‘It’s a Start’ was Don Grainger’s first real effort in painting.

About 8 years ago, Don started to paint as a hobby. Don has always been creative and a desire to paint a photo taken while on an Alaskan tour literally changed the course of events for Don – yet again. What started as a hobby has become a passion, and a career.

This website is the start of Don’s desire to get his art out into the world for people to see.

Don & Karen currently reside in Rockwood, Ontario, where they live with their chocolate lab puppy, Harvey.