Our Happy Hour

Medium: Acrylic on Hardboard

Our Happy Hour

Since we arrived home from our long stint traveling the world on a beautiful ship, Karen and I spend a lot more time apart then we would like. Karen continues to sing all over the world, and I continue to paint, show the paintings and deal with my ever-growing business. This means, as a married couple, we miss each other terribly when we can’t be together. The happy days that we do get to spend together are cherished. One thing we absolutely love to do is drop everything work related at 5:00 pm, and open a nice bottle of wine. We often have a little snack with the wine and of course Harvey has his share of our cheese or other goodies! (not the wine of course). This painting makes me happy as it is a favourite way to spend valuable time together.

Price of Original: $3,000
Price of Signed and Numbered Giclee Print: $400

Prices do not include taxes or shipping.

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